Exploring Bolivia with Kids: Unforgettable Family Adventures

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Embarking on a family adventure in Bolivia may seem daring, but fear not, it is entirely doable. With some careful planning and considerations, Bolivia can be a captivating and enriching experience for both children and adults alike. From vibrant cities and bustling markets to the awe-inspiring wildlife of the Pampas, the country offers a wide array of family-friendly activities that will leave a lasting impression.
First of all, a few considerations.
  • Plan for altitude adjustment: Bolivia's high altitude can be challenging, especially for young children. Gradually acclimatize by spending a few days in lower-altitude areas before venturing to higher destinations like La Paz or Lake Titicaca. Stay hydrated, take it slow, and listen to your children's cues if they need breaks or rest.
  • Break up long journeys: Bolivia's vast landscapes may involve long journeys between destinations. Break up these trips by planning stops along the way. Explore interesting towns or attractions that can provide a chance for kids to stretch their legs and experience something new. 
  • Choose family-friendly accommodations: Opt for accommodations that are kid-friendly, such as lodges with spacious rooms or apartments with kitchen facilities. This allows you to have a comfortable and convenient base for your family. Check if the accommodation provides amenities like play areas, swimming pools, or outdoor spaces where kids can unwind and have fun.
  • Ensure safety precautions: Prioritize your family's safety by taking necessary precautions. Keep an eye on your children at all times, especially in crowded areas. Be aware of your surroundings and take extra care when crossing streets or using public transportation.
Considering this tips, will make your journey with kids in Bolivia even more rewarding.

Now you’re ready for adventure! Take a look at some of the top family-friendly attractions to include in your Bolivia itinerary:
  • Prado Boulevard: Every Sunday, the bustling streets of La Paz's Prado Boulevard transform into a vibrant street festival, making it a must-visit destination for families. As traffic gives way, food stalls, craft displays, live music, and dance performances create a lively atmosphere. The highlight for children is the fantastic kids' zone, where they can immerse themselves in creativity by painting, playing, and making music. This also provides an excellent opportunity for them to mingle with local children and experience Bolivian culture firsthand.

  • Explore the Jungle: For a change of scenery, venture into Bolivia's lowlands and discover the wonders of the jungle. Boat rides through lush waterways, sightings of playful monkeys, and encounters with pink dolphins will undoubtedly captivate your children's imagination. The warm weather, hammocks, and swimming pools offer the perfect respite from the tropical climate. Stay at a community-run lodge to fully immerse yourself in indigenous life, where you and your family can learn fascinating skills like making chocolate, squeezing sugarcane juice, and even fishing for piranhas.

  • Trek with Llamas: Give your family an authentic Andean experience by embarking on a llama trek along an ancient Inca trail. Start with a boat ride across the legendary Lake Titicaca to the mysterious Isla del Sol. With a local Aymara guide and their trusty llama companions, your family will traverse stunning landscapes, passing by terraced fields, fishing huts, and shepherds. Encountering locals going about their daily lives adds a touch of cultural immersion to this unforgettable journey.

  • Cochabamba: As you traverse central Bolivia, make sure to visit the delightful city of Cochabamba. Renowned for its mild climate year-round, this city provides an ideal setting for outdoor family activities. Plan a day trip to La Angostura Lake, located just outside the city. This serene man-made lake, nestled in a charming fishing village, offers a tranquil escape from crowded urban areas. Your kids will enjoy engaging in various activities like fishing and boating while relishing the pristine waters of the lake.

  • La Paz: Combine city excitement and outdoor adventures in La Paz, a destination that caters to all tastes. Ride the famous Mi Teleférico, an extensive system of cable cars, offering breathtaking aerial views of the city and surrounding landscapes. Additionally, explore Valle De Luna, a natural wonder located just outside La Paz. This outdoor adventure takes you through calming landscapes and mesmerizing rock formations, providing a perfect outlet for your children's boundless energy.

  • Samaipata: a charming town in the Florida Province of Santa Cruz, offers a delightful atmosphere for families to explore. Take a leisurely stroll along its small streets, soaking in the local ambiance and discovering the town's unique character. If you visit this town, the "Refugio Zoologico Jacha-Inti" is a must see attraction. This is a rescue center for endangered animals; you and your kids can get up close to various species. The center provides a family-friendly environment where you can observe birds, monkeys, big cats, and other fascinating animals. It's an excellent opportunity for children to learn about wildlife conservation and the efforts made to protect endangered species.
  • Santa Cruz: Situated on the outskirts of the Amazon Rainforest, Santa Cruz is a city surrounded by lush greenery and abundant natural beauty. It offers a fantastic opportunity to explore Bolivia's wild animals and enjoy family time in nature.

  • Sucre : As you travel through central Bolivia, be sure to include Sucre in your itinerary. This picturesque city offers a peaceful atmosphere, providing an ideal place for the whole family to relax and enjoy quality time together. While in Sucre, make sure to visit the Museo Del Tesoro. It is a small but captivating museum that showcases a wide range of artifacts from local church history. It's a perfect attraction for history buffs, and older kids who enjoy learning about the past and exploring unique relics. Even younger children can appreciate the museum's exhibits, making it a family-friendly stop in Sucre.
    Also you could try visiting Parque Cretácico, for a “time travel” adventure. This park is home to giant dinosaur statues that offer a glimpse into the region's environment 68 million years ago. With more than 5,000 authentic dinosaur tracks embedded in limestone walls, your kids will feel like they've stepped into a real-life Jurassic Park. The park's immersive setting, complete with dinosaur sounds, will spark their imagination and provide hours of excitement. Don't forget to leave some time for your children to play in the park's dedicated children's area before concluding your visit.

Traveling with kids allows you to not only bond as a family but also to expose them to different cultures, environments, and experiences that will shape their worldview. Bolivia provides the perfect backdrop for such an adventure, offering a balance between educational opportunities and thrilling adventures. So, start planning your family trip today and embark on an unforgettable journey. Bolivia awaits with open arms, ready to enchant and inspire both young and old alike.