Language Basics

The official language of Bolivia is Spanish. Knowing some basic Spanish can be very helpful when traveling in Bolivia, especially if you plan to explore outside of the major tourist areas. You can learn some basic phrases like greetings, directions, and ordering food.

Be aware that language is not the only factor when communicating with locals in Bolivia. There may also be cultural differences in communication styles and social norms. It is important to be respectful and open-minded when interacting with locals.

Yes / Si
No / No
Please / Por favor
Thank you / Gracias
Sorry / Lo siento

Hello / Hola
Good morning / Buenos días
Good afternoon / Buenas tardes
Good evening/night / Buenas noches
Goodbye / Adiós
Bye / Chao
See you / Nos vemos
How are you?/ ¿Como está?
Fine, thanks / Bien, gracias

Do you speak english? / ¿Habla inglés?
I don't understand / No entiendo
Please speak slowly / Hable lento por favor

Where is/are...?Donde esta/están...?
When? / ¿Cuándo?
Who? / ¿Quien?
Why? / ¿Por qué?
What? / ¿Que?
Which / ¿Cual?
How long? / ¿Cuánto tiempo?
How much (price)? / ¿Cuánto cuesta?
Can you help me? / ¿Me puede ayudar?
What time is it?¿Qué hora es?

Useful phrases 
I like/I don't like it / Me gusta/No me gusta
Just a minute / Un minuto
Too expensive / Muy caro
It's hot (weather) / Hace calor
It's cold (weather) / Hace frío
A little / Un poco
A lot / Mucho

Tea / Té
Coffee with milk / Café con leche
Ice / Hielo
Mineral water / Agua mineral
Wine (White/Red) / Vino (Blanco/Tinto)
Beer / Cerveza
Juice / Jugo
Eggs / Huevos
Scrambled eggs / Huevos revueltos
Fried eggs / Huevos fritos
Cheese / Queso
Bacon / Tocino
Beef / Carne vacuna
Chicken / Pollo
Pork / Cerdo
Rice / Arroz
Boiled potatoes / Papas cocidas
Chips (Fries) / Papas fritas